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Expedited Apostille Service

What is an Apostille?

Most have never heard the word Apostille, pronounced uh-pos-til, until one is requested for international business. An Apostille authenticates the signature of the public offiicial, such as the Notary Public.

Apostille Process

Only the Secretary of State (SOS) can issue an Apostille. An individual may mail in the request or drive to an SOS office. The process can be long and confusing. Your document can be rejected for several reasons, meaning you will have to correct the issue and start the process again. Why risk it? Work with the professionals that know what the SOS is looking for and guarantees their service!

The Paperwork and Errand Lady Process

Call us for an appointment. We come to you, notarize the document if needed, and handle the rest. We will send you updates along the way and you will receive your completed document within 2-3 business days, in most cases. If you prefer, we can send the completed document directly to the receiving entity in a foreign country. No more worries or hassles for you!

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