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Mobile Notary Public Services

Types of Documents

Trusts, power of attorney, healthcare directive, hand written letters or affidavits, 401K withdraw forms, travel consent forms, any other documents requiring notarization

Location of Signing

Your home or office, hospital, restaurant or coffee house, jail/prison, assisted living home, any safe location convenient for you!

Signer's Responsibilities

*Documents should be completely filled out except for the signature.

*Every signer must be identified under the regulations of CA law. (Valid government issued ID or credible witnesses.)

*All signers must be of sound mind and able to make legal decision for themselves.

Notary's Responsibilities

*Ensure the signer is the person listed in the document, understands what they are signing, and is of sound mind.

*Verify no blanks exist in the document and that every page is present.

*Provide approved CA Notary Certificate.

Limits of a CA Notary Public

A Notary may not provide legal advice nor assist in completing legal documents.  A Notary Public verifies only the identity of the individual who signs the notarized document. 

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